Job Description – Connected Chicago Campaign Coordinator


Organization: The Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR) is a nonprofit restorative justice agency located in the Back of the Yards neighborhood of Chicago. PBMR engages at-risk and court-involved young men aged 14-24, as well as families and community members, in positive programming, community-building, and restorative justice peacemaking circles. We work to create a safe environment where individuals who have experienced the trauma of poverty, criminal justice involvement, incarceration, and gun violence can connect and heal through ritual, relationship, and storytelling.

Position: The Connected Chicago campaign is a new citywide collaborative effort, led by PBMR, which aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of Restorative Justice in Chicago. This campaign will utilize technology, social media, storytelling, and restorative justice practices such as peacemaking circles to connect neighbors, community members, and stakeholders. The Coordinator will spearhead this effort through the following actions:

  • – Working with team of restorative justice volunteers to train interested non-profit and government agencies in circle-keeping
  • – Identifying and regularly corresponding with community point persons in each participating community
  • – Coordinating community restorative justice / circle keeping trainings through a database of volunteer trainers
  • – Regularly creating and sharing, through the Connected Chicago website, circle-keeping resources, community-building activities, dialog ideas, themes, values, stories, videos, and photographs
  • – Liaising with PBMR staff, other RJ Hubs, core Connected Chicago team, youth leaders, and broader restorative justice community in Chicago to ensure a consistent and community-led effort
  • – Raising visibility of Connected Chicago and Restorative Justice through dialog with community and systems stakeholders
  • – Maintaining excitement and momentum around Connected Chicago through the use of social media and online communications



The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications:

  • – Experience and comfort working with diverse populations across Chicago, especially on the south and west sides of the city, plus ability and willingness to travel throughout the city
  • – Professional experience leading community outreach, community organizing, community building, and inter-organizational collaboration
  • – Ability to initiate and maintain working relationships with large numbers of individuals, organizations, and stakeholders
  • – Ability to engage in friendly discourse, and solicit support, from stakeholders who may hold different beliefs or be skeptical about restorative justice
  • – At least 5 years’ experience with restorative justice and peacemaking circles
  • – Experience in developing new projects or start-up organizations
  • – Familiarity with Chicago nonprofit organizations, especially in the areas of youth service and restorative justice
  • – Familiarity with criminal justice and juvenile justice issues, especially affecting low-income populations
  • – Bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in law, social justice, criminal justice, or public policy (or substantially relevant area)
  • – Extremely organized; creative and energetic; visionary thinker; enjoys people; self-starter
  • – Skilled in using the internet / social media to energize and organize movements

To Apply:

Please send resume, cover letter, and 3 references to Minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.